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Jim Gant has made St. Marys his home for 36 years and has been dedicated to keeping it a small town jewel ever since while working diligently to increase its vibrancy and economic health. Others talk about how much they care about St. Marys. Jim Gant turns words into action. He takes risks. He has vision. He puts his neck and his reputation on the line.

And he succeeds.

Jim had a vision for the Waterfront Park when many decried the concept as foolish. Today it is the centerpiece of downtown St. Marys, enjoyed by hundreds of citizens and visitors year round.

He refused to back down on the difficulty of getting water and sewer services to the residents of Gaines Davis and used his engineering expertise to suggest a design change that made it possible to move the project forward and get it done.

He responded to citizen complaints that the entrance to St. Marys from Exit 1 was bleak and unappealing to potential visitors and took the lead in creating a more attractive landscaping entrance from Exit 1 to the St. Marys turnoff; phase 1 of a gateway and pathway into downtown St. Marys.

He listened with care to many citizens who opposed the rezoning of the former Mill site, but joined with hundreds of others who believed that rezoning as a commercial necessity. The decision to rezone permitted the Joint Development Authority to pursue and locate a private developer to create a viable job-creating, economy-boosting Marine Center project.

Along with the Mayor and fellow Council members, he recognized that the Gilman boathouse dock was the only one remaining after Hurricane Irma that could be modified to keep the Cumberland Island Ferry business intact - and fast-tracked the money necessary to complete the project in record time.

Time and again, Jim Gant has stepped up on behalf of all St. Marys residents, businesses, and its general economy. This has been his home for 36 years and he cares deeply about the city he loves. He knows that he represents all the neighborhoods in St. Marys and that they each have specific needs and expectations.

It’s one thing to talk the game. It’s another to walk it. And Jim Gant has been walking the talk for more than two decades.

He is experienced. He is dedicated. He knows how to get the job done in the most timely and economically cost-effective fashion possible.

What candidates promise they will do tomorrow can be measured by what they have done in the past. And Jim Gant stands head and shoulders above the competition in demonstrating that action is more important than rhetoric.